when do we meet?

Sunday Services:
  • Sunday School (all ages) 10 am
  • Worship 11 am
    • Our services are mostly traditional, with an emphasis on participation of the entire congregation through liturgy. Worship services are centered on the reading of Scripture and the proclamation of God's word.
    • Our music consists of singing hymns.  We are led by a church choir.
    • We hope that our services welcome everyone and provide opportunities for faith and affirmation.
    • Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month.
Youth and Children Ministry
  • Sunday at 5 P.M.
    •  Our children meet to build the foundations of faith and foster a sense of Christian community amongst the children
    • Our youth meet to foster spiritual disciplines, care toward others, and nurturing Christian community.
    • Our Youth Coordinator is Jeana Boyd. 
Music Practice
  • Choir - Wednesday 6 pm
  • Cantata's: Cantata's are choral performances that often tell the story of God's love for humanity. There are two annual Cantata's- Easter and Christmas.


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