Brief History of Liberty Cumberland Presbyterian Church

The first services to be held on the site of the church were Brush Arbor meetings. Reverend George Donald was the first to preach on this site around 1810.

Around 1815 a log building was erected. People in the community donated their labor and materials for this construction. After the construction of the log building one of the first pastors was John Randolph. The first elders of the church were James B. Porter, Gan Johnson, William C. Smartt, John Allison, and Abraham Evans.

The Church was named Liberty and Reverend Randolph pastored it until 1849. During his pastorate, in 1840, a Sunday School was organized. The children were taught spelling, reading, arithmetic, and other things now usually taught in public schools. This was a community church, however in 1829 the Cumberland Presbyterians assumed full control when the other denominations withdrew to build their own churches.

We are told that the site of the church was occupied by the Union Forces during the Civil War, and during a raid in 1863 the log church was destroyed by fire. The sanctuary erected in 1867 served until the 1970's.

In 1895, in co-operation with the White Hall and Bethlehem Churches, the Liberty Church purchased land and built a manse. The same pastor was to serve all three churches. In 1952 the Liberty Church bought out the other parties and became sole owner of the manse property.

In the early 1900's the membership of the Liberty Church numbered around 300, only half were resident members. In 1906, when the Cumberland Presbyterian Church attempted a merger with the Presbyterian Church, a division occurred which affected the membership.

During the pastorate of Reverend W. E. Miller an annex, consisting of Sunday School rooms, a kitchen, and a dining area, was built. In 1956 the annex was enlarged, making way for increased enrollment in our Sunday School. Also in 1956 was built a new manse at 102 River Drive. The cost of the new manse was approximately $16,000.00. Reverend Wendell Trotter and family were the first to live in the new manse.

In 1969 the congregation adopted the rotation system for its elders, and elected nine elders to serve on a rotation basis.

In 1977 a new church building was erected under the leadership of Reverend Harry Greene.